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Can TVNZ 1 Foster Interest in Doctor Dud?

TVNZ 1 hopes to take Doctor Foster off life support by resurrecting the season-two premiere on Saturday night. After being all but DOA on Monday at 8.30, the network is banking on picking up more viewers by repeating the premiere after its time slot-winning Saturday edition of The X Factor UK — and thereby boosting viewership […]

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Critical Condition: Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster | TVNZ 1, 8.30 Monday ➢ “The joy of the second series of Doctor Foster (BBC1) is that we now know it is not aiming for gritty drama and failing, but aiming for histrionic melodrama and succeeding beyond its wildest expectations … We can now run gleefully towards the waves of madness – already […]

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Cold Feet: SR7 on ITV

Pictured: Jenny Gifford [Fay Ripley], Pete Gifford [John Thomson], Karen Marsden [Hermione Norris], David Marsden [Robert Bathurst] and Adam Williams [James Nesbitt].

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Critical Condition: Cold Feet

Cold Feet | TVNZ 1, 9.35 Sunday ➢ “The new series of Cold Feet began as if someone were trying to win a bet: how many clichés is it possible to cram into an opening five minutes? The good news is that it got better, was still glossy and uplifting, but hasn’t yet reached the […]

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TVNZ’s New-Season Line-Up 2017/18

  Here’s the list of the new and returning series TVNZ has announ-ced will screen on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, Duke, on-demand or online over the next year or so. LOCAL: Comedy Paranormal Unit (New) – created by Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement Baby Mama’s Club (New) – webseries Stakeout – season 3 and back catalogue […]

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New Treatment for Doctor Foster

  TVNZ 1 will premiere season two of Doctor Foster on October 9 at 8.30 — and at the same time offer all five episodes for streaming online as a box set at Such programming shows how the importance of linear scheduling has declined even on free-to-air TV, despite it remaining the platform with […]

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And the Winner on the Night … ?

TVNZ 1’s election night coverage was most popular with viewers 5+ but in the commercial demographic that matters most — 25-54 year-olds — it lost to Three. Both networks compete for bragging rights to this demo and were neck-and-neck in the previous two elections, ex-MediaWorks news boss Mark Jennings noted in his preview. But […]

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

TVNZ 1 has changed its prescription for launching series two of Doctor Foster. Originally, the network was going to repeat series one 9.35 Sundays from October 1 but now it’s opted to screen only the season finale in this slot. If you missed the series when it first aired, it can be viewed as a […]

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Final Leaders Debate Tops a Million

Last night’s 1 News Vote 17 Final Leaders Debate reached one million viewers, with more than 40% of viewers tuning in, TVNZ said today. This eclipsed the 2014 election’s final debate, which reached 819,000 viewers and averaged 602,900. Reach counts everyone who watched the programme for at least one minute. It is the measure that captures […]

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Critical Condition: Paula

Paula | TVNZ 1, 8.30 Friday ➢ “We’ve all been there. Call in a pest control company, end up sleeping with the exterminator and embroiled in a deadly revenge plot. This was the opening act of three-part thriller Paula (BBC Two), about a schoolteacher whose one-night stand sends her life spiralling out of control … Hopping […]

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Next TVNZ 1 Leaders Debate Will Be Sharper

TVNZ 1 says its second and final leaders debate will be in HD but not one involving likely coalition partners on September 8. The network surprised viewers last night by broadcasting in SD the top-rating first debate between Prime Minister Bill English and Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern. The sub-standard presentation was unexpected given TVNZ […]

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