Critical Condition: Crazyhead

Crazyhead (Netflix, from Friday)

Crazyhead is scary right from the off. A girl, Suzanne, is bound and gagged in the boot of a car, is driven at night to a deserted industrial area. The boot is opened by … SCARY CLOWNS! (Nice – or lucky – timing.) They drag her out and prepare to do whatever they’re going to do to her – but she manages to get the gag off. ‘Amy, I know that’s you, that’s my jacket,’ she says to one of the clowns, who is, indeed, her best friend. But right now Suzanne is possessed by demons and she needs to be exorcised. Step one: piss on her. And that’s how Crazyhead, the baby of Misfits creator Howard Overman, carries on: terrifying one minute, silly the next; behind the sofa, LOL, back behind the sofa. Which is the idea: it’s comedy-horror – silly, scary, smart, dark. Hey, it might even have something to do with mental health, too.” — The Guardian.

Crazyhead is Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with bad language and a down-to-earth attitude to sex and romance … Overman’s knack for making his characters seem three-dimensional, charming and familiar, despite the outlandish storylines, is the show’s greatest asset. And although Crazyhead tackles some real-life personal issues, the tone is fun and upbeat with its tongue wedged in firmly in its cheek … Human-fighting-demon TV series are not hard to come by (Outcast, The Walking Dead to name only two) and the concept has been flogged almost to death (spend half a day watching the Syfy TV channel and you’ll see). But this bright, punchy and genuinely funny series is far from the genre’s last breath.” — The Telegraph.

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  1. Sounds like a fun show, The OA starts on Friday as well. I love Netflix 🙂

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