TelstraClear Responds to T-Box Review

Here is TelstraClear’s response to questions I raised about its new PVR/home media device, the T-Box, in today’s review.

SS: Why can the EPG only be programmed up to a week ahead (and not two, like TiVo)?

TC: This is the extent of information given to us by Sky TV. Due to customer confusion if we delivered 14 days for TVNZ and TV3, and seven days for Sky TV channels, we decided to maintain the seven-day guide.

SS: Why can’t programmes that are repeated several times in a week not be Series Linked to record only their first airings?

TC: This is a limitation of the data we get. If programmes aren’t given different code for the same show (but different time), the software thinks it is the same.

SS: Why can’t the buffers be set to more than five minutes? And why can’t it be just added to the end of the programme, or to the start of a programme, but not both?

TC: We offer the option to allow customers to choose to suit their recording needs — [up to] 10-minute and 15-minute options. You can do this through the general settings section

SS: How soon will it be before the T-Box can be used for the video on demand functionality promised in the press release?

TC: The project is being scoped at present.

SS: How will this functionality exceed what’s on offer in Australia?

TC: Our decoder is capable of full IPTV broadcast delivery in 1080p and multiple access delivery methods for the VoD and broadcast.

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