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Critical Condition: Shut Eye

Shut Eye | Sky Box Sets, 7.30 Wednesday ➢ “Hulu’s new fortune teller/psychic/con man drama has fine performances from Jeffrey Donovan and KaDee Strickland, but no real identity … It’s no wonder that TV shows about con men or reformed con men have been a lucrative genre for years, with venerable hits like Psych and Leverage […]

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Lightning-Fast Lightbox Premieres in October

Next month Lightbox will fast-track the latest seasons of Mr Robot and Chance within hours of their US premieres but fans of Trans-parent will have to endure a month-long gap between its US and NZ streaming. Lightbox also is holding back the Channel 4 sci-fi anthology Electric Dreams until October 18. The Philip K Dick (Blade Runner) adaptation went to air […]

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Lightbox Tops 200K Subs and Signs WB Deal

   Lightbox has picked up a new Hugh Laurie drama from 21st Century Fox TV and signed a programming deal with Warner Bros. The Spark streaming service that’s facing unprecedented competition from giants Netflix and Amazon today announced it had notched up 200,000 customers since launching in August 2014 “and is well on its way towards […]

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