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Critical Condition: The Bisexual

The Bisexual | SoHo2, 9.00 Thursday ☆☆☆☆ “The equal-opportunity script is not afraid to call out the idiocies of other groupings: straight women who go in for lesbian tourism, straight men whose lesbian fantasies crumple on impact with a living breathing representative. It’s witty and pleasingly literate, with savvy jokes about Zadie Smith, Alain de Botton […]

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Critical Condition: Killing Eve

Killing Eve | TVNZ 2, 9.30 Tuesday ➢➢ “One of the many grand achievements of the thrillingly addictive new BBC America series Killing Eve is that once it fails to be a revolution of the form (and yes, it’s hard not to have expectations for it to be so), it still manages to become quite the prize: […]

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Patrick Melrose Landscape Key Art

Special Note: Please ensure the Gecko is still visible on any version/crop that you make of this artwork.

New to SoHo in June

   An unprecedented number of British dramas will premiere next month on SoHo, along with another Amazon Prime pick-up, Fleabag. Patrick Melrose, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch in an adaptation of Edward St. Aubyn’s novels, is a Sky Atlantic-Showtime co-production while CB Strike and Little Women were BBC commissions. Patrick Melrose is a flamboyant, aristocratic playboy […]

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