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HDTV Heads-Up: November 12-18

TV3 will screen Ice Road Truckers in HD for the first time when season three debuts on November 12. It will take over Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year’s 7.30pm slot the same night TV2 screens a Harry Potter HD special, 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments (which precedes the Blu-ray 3D release of Harry Potter and the […]

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HDTV Movie Premieres: July 31-August 6

Funny People: Sky Movies, 8.30pm Saturday. Writer/director Judd Apatow’s obsession with genitalia gags frustrates Funny People’s potential as a standout comedy about stand-up comedians. At least Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen bond beautifully as a terminally ill king of comedy who tries to atone for his womanising while mentoring and tormenting a dogsbody who aspires […]

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