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HD Ratings: Designs’ Ratings Grand

Grand Designs Revisited rated through the roof on Thursday. TV3’s sturdy staple didn’t win its slot outright but was more competitive than it has been against TV1’s Britain’s Got Talent and TV2’s reality shows. The season finale averaged 3.4% – 6.1% of the commercial demographics, and built over the 7.30 hour to out-rate BGT in three of the […]

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HD Heads-Up: June 20-26

A natural history buff who’s been dubbed Sir David Attenborough’s heir apparent fronts a new three-part Our World series, Inside the Animal Mind. The Guardian says Chris Packer “puts the cool in cagoule in this fascinating blend of science and spectacle,” which premieres on June 20 (TV1, 7.30). According to The Independent, the first programme “got to the crux […]

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