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Critical Condition: Hard Sun

Hard Sun | SoHo, 8.30 Sunday ➢ “Featuring hacktivists, police investigating other police and global cover-ups, Neil Cross’s new drama packed more into its opening episode than most series do … The sun has gone to pot, the world has only got five years left and MI5 is trying to keep it from everyone to […]

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New to SoHo in February

Here and Now (3.00 Mondays from February 12) Alan Ball’s new HBO drama series focuses on a modern multiracial family – a philosophy professor, his obsessive wife, their three adopted children from Liberia, Vietnam and Colombia, and a sole biological child – undergoing life changes and emotional challenges. It will screen the same time as the US and stars Holly […]

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New Deal Delivers Spooky SoHo Trio

Sky has picked up American Gods, an apocalyptic new thriller from Luther’s Neil Cross and a re-make of Picnic at Hanging Rock for its premium drama channel SoHo. Of the three, Amazon Gods is the most surprising given it’s a signature drama on Amazon’s streaming service. It’s not clear if Sky’s rights for the series […]

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