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My Sky + … Movies in July

Sky’s premium movie channels offer surprisingly few HD premieres in July, with the only showstopper being Gone Girl. There’s a stronger selection of HD debuts on Sky Movies Classics, namely The Last of the Mohicans, The Lion in Winter, Buffalo Bill and the Indians, This Is Spinal Tap, Tender Mercies, That’ll Be the Day and The Man […]

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New to Blu: November 12-18

Oh, what a sight is Clint Eastwood’s first digitally shot movie on Blu-ray. “I believe Jersey Boys is the first time Clint Eastwood has ever shot a movie digitally, making use of Arri Alexa equipment here. “It proved to be a good choice, as the Blu-ray delivers an absolutely stunning transfer, full of detail and worthy of a reference-quality rating.” […]

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