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New to Blu: October 5 – 11

        In a week rife with 4K-UHD releases, it’s interesting to learn that the 1080p version of Warcraft: The Beginning may look better than the 4K transfer. Reports Blu-ray.com of the 4K release: “It’s very attractive on its own merits, but the Blu-ray, which is already awesome to begin with, just feels better on the eyes and suits the movie […]

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My Sky + … Movies in June

Guardians of the Galaxy, Lucy, Whiplash and Belle are the pick of next month’s HD premieres on Sky’s movie channels. Also of note are The Expendables 3, Hercules, Heavenly Creatures, Leaving Las Vegas, the 1972 western Red Sun and a miniseries starring called House of Hancock that dramatises the fractious family ties of Australia’s richest woman, […]

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New to Blu: December 17-23

Hercules looks ungodly good on Blu-ray. “Hercules flexes his muscles with a strapping and highly-detailed 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode that bursts with lots of beauty and spectacle. “The impressive and stunning photography of Dante Spinotti really shines on Blu-ray, oozing with a striking array of colours.” “Hercules‘ 3D effort isn’t, well, herculean, but it gets the job done. […]

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