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Sony’s PlayTV Kicks Off Today – But Can It Score With Consumers?

Sony’s HD PVR module for its PlayStation 3, PlayTV, goes on sale today for $200, with some retailers bundling it for free with the $730 320GB console. While it seems to have been hobbled by critical flaws, PlayTV boasts a clean and elegant electronic programming guide and graphical user interface, as seen from these generic […]

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Thumbs-Down for Sony PlayTV?

Sony’s claim that its new PlayTV PVR offers more features than other PVRs has been thrown into doubt by a damning NBR online report. It highlights failings that make PlayTV sound inferior to other PVRs and speculates a rift between Sony and MediaWorks is partly to blame. Like TiVo, PlayTV’s EPG will be hobbled by […]

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Sony PS3 PVR Ready to Play on NZ TVs

Sony at last is coming out to play with its PlayStation 3 PVR in NZ. PlayTV will go on sale here for $200 from November 25 – two years after its launch in Europe and a year after its Australian release. The nondescript HD module connects via USB to the PS3 and has twin digital […]

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