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HD Highlights: August 1

Sky Movies Premiere: Senna (Sky 20, 8.30, 5.1) Fans of this engrossing documentary about the world’s fastest Brazilian — the Formula One hero whose 20-year run ended tragically (if predictably) — should opt for the Blu-ray version … not because it dramatically improves the newsreel footage that predominates but because of the ace DTS HD […]

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MySky + Movies … in August

Sequels and re-makes dominate Sky’s HD movie premieres in August. Scheduled for Sky Movies are the latest in the Harry Potter, Planet of the Apes and Hangover franchises, along with new versions of The Thing and Fright Night, while ‘new’ to Sky Movies Greats are the first three Saw movies and the most recent Mummy […]

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New to Blu > Movies: December 7-13

It looks like 20th Century Fox has risen to the occasion with its worldwide release of the latest in the Planet of the Apes saga.  According to an early online review from authoritative site DVD Beaver, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is “one of the best looking Blu-rays of the year”. It reboots the 43-year-old […]

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