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Samsung Dispels Spying Fears Ahead of Ultra-Smart TV Launch

On the eve of unveiling its groundbreaking 2015 range of TVs, complete with several NZ exclusives, to about 1400 retailers and media, including yours truly, at a Pacific-Asia forum in Bangkok, Samsung says fears of its Smart TVs spying on viewers are “groundless”. “There is no foundation to claims their Smart TV is recording users’ […]

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Samsung Sings Its Smart TV Praises

Buyers of Samsung Smart TVs will get three months’ free subscription to Lightbox if they take one home before the end of January. Spark’s streaming service is the latest app Samsung has added to its Smart TVs, which already include apps for TVNZ, TV3, Video Ezy and Coliseum. “We’re the only company that has actively […]

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Samsung’s Sizzling New Plasma TVs Start to Ship

Samsung has started to ship its new, 3D-capable “Plasma+1” TVs. The D8000, D6900, D550 and D490/450 series have a narrow bezel that adds an extra inch of viewable screen size over Samsung’s 2010 plasma TVs. The top-of-the-range D8000 Smart TV models have Real Black Filter technology for improved on-screen contrast and reduced glare, Samsung’s proprietary […]

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