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Critical Condition: Marcella (S2)

Marcella | Netflix, from today ➢ “She is back. Marcella, with a ‘ch’ sound in the middle. Anna Friel giving it everything, entertainingly and very watchably, as an unlikely and very uncoplike cop, remember? Who has blackout episodes in which she becomes angry and violent … You may remember from the first series that Marcella […]

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Critical Condition: Mosaic

Mosaic | SoHo, 8.30 Friday ➢ “Populated by series like Broadchurch, Happy Valley, Top of the Lake and various versions of The Bridge, a TV subgenre has flourished in recent years: It depicts the aftermath of a serious crime in a relatively enclosed community. It’s a niche that the Steven Soderbergh-directed Mosaic fits into comfortably; the […]

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The Tunnel,
Series 03,
First Look,
Clemence Poesy as Elise and Stephen Dillane as Karl,
Photographer: Des Willie,
© Sky Uk Ltd

Critical Condition: The Tunnel – Vengeance

The Tunnel – Vengeance | SoHo, 8.30 Tuesday ➢ “The Tunnel is, of course, the Anglo-French reworking of The Bridge, which, along with The Killing, changed the face of detective drama. Clémence Poésy is outstanding as the nerveless Gallic version of The Bridge’s Saga, Stephen Dillane similar as the understated Brit counterpart. The plot, which […]

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Critical Condition: Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun (Lightbox, streaming now) ➢ “A glamorous Parisian cop investigates a death in remote northern Scandinavia in this intriguing series … The investigation, and the series, is a Swedish-French collaboration, The Killing meets Spiral, Abba covers Je t’aime, köttbullar au vin. It’s a promising flavour combination, gory and gothic, even if the meat may […]

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Critical Condition: Marcella

Marcella (Netflix, from today) “ITV’s Marcella is a series that’s making me wonder whether much of the success of Nordic noir crime dramas in recent years was simply down to the fact that we’d believe anything, no matter how ludicrous, so long as it was set in Scandinavia rather than Britain … I could imagine all this being more enthralling if […]

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Tunnel Sees the Light But The Bridge and Fox Fare Up in the Air

SoHo will screen a UK re-make of Scandanavian crime hit The Bridge in February but it’s not clear where or when the US version will air following MediaWorks’ confirmation of its Fox renewals. The Tunnel follows the investigation of a politician’s murder after his corpse is discovered on the border between Britain and France, with […]

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Bridge Too Far Away Still

Acclaimed new US drama The Bridge appears to be no closer to extending its reach here. The FX Networks (Justified, Sons of Anarchy) remake of the superb Danish drama about the search for a serial killer went to air last week in the US and on international Fox channels, including FX across the Tasman. It […]

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Killing Spree for SoHo

SoHo will follow season two of The Killing, which continues tonight at 8.30 on Sky 10, with the subtitled Danish original, Forbrydelsen.  The bad news is it won’t screen in HD but the good news is it’s much better than the US re-make. It was released here on DVD last year and series two comes out […]

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