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Critical Condition: Waco

Waco | SoHo2, 7.30 Wednesday ☆☆☆☆ “Waco is a bit more plodding than a drama about an apocalyptic cult should be. Not that sensationalising the Koresh saga would have been the right move (and there was more than enough misinformation and untrustworthy PR spin about the group at the time). But the Paramount drama doesn’t […]

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New to SoHo2 in January

Three drama premieres, a new HBO doco season and the return of Bill Maher in a more prominent time slot distinguish next month’s coming attractions on SoHo2. Only one of the drama series, Black Monday, which will air 8.30 Thursdays from January 24, is being fast-tracked within days of its Showtime launch. It’s billed as the […]

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