2020 Samsung TVs Poised to Launch

Samsung NZ has posted its highly anticipated 2020 range of 8K and 4K LCD TVs on its website ahead of today’s virtual media briefing and looming post-lockdown launch.

The world’s biggest-selling TV brand traditionally releases its new models from April but this year’s roll-out strategy has been hampered by the level 4 COVID-19 four-week business shutdown.

The plan was to reveal the company’s “most expansive” TV and a/v range at a media event in Auckland just before Easter, as Samsung did at the start of the month in Australia (where Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi showrooms are still open)

But now Samsung NZ will be “demonstrating” its 2020 TVs and soundbars at a “virtual technical seminar” for media that will be streamed this afternoon from South Korea.

In the meantime, the full range of 8K and 4K TVs already can be explored online, where their specifications and features are comprehensively highlighted but not their availability or pricing.

The only exception is the top-end 65-inch Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV, which will retail for $14,000; anyone who registers on the Samsung site to learn more about the 2020 TV models will go into the draw to win one.

In the UK and US, the new 8K and 4K TVs have been rapturously reviewed. Indeed, Samsung Global was so delighted about the early notices that it issued a press release highlighting best-in-class reviews from some of the world’s most authoritative a/v commentators, including Forbes’ John Archer, AV Forums and AVS Forums.

Concluded Archer in his appraisal of the 75-inch Q950 model:

Samsung has worked absolute wonders with the 75Q900S/75Q950TS. It delivers key advances over its predecessor in almost every picture quality department, taking LCD screen technology to new heights that emphasise LCD’s innate advantages while also parking a tank on OLED’s traditional picture quality lawn. And just for good measure, it even fits all this picture progress inside a truly revolutionary design.

Samsung also distributed this press release explaining the “secret” of its high-resolution detailing.

How soon you can expect to see it for yourself will depend on how quickly NZ comes out of lockdown and Samsung can deliver product to showroom floors amid COVID-19 supply constraints.

Expect the 4K TVs to go on sale first, with the 8K models to follow later in the year.

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2 Responses to “2020 Samsung TVs Poised to Launch”

  1. I wonder after this lockdown whether anyone will be able to afford these new sets?

  2. I’m not sure how many people could afford them before the lockdown, Paul. But new tech always progresses like this. Initially only the well-heeled and must-have early adopters buy, then the tech benefits trickle down to lower-spec models and the mainstream. Look how 4K has usurped HD as the standard for TVs, despite the scarcity of native 4K content. And many of the low-end 4K models from the major brands are amazingly affordable compared to the first 4Ks that were released.

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