236,000 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, The Handmaid’s Tale and Stranger Things were the most streamed original digital TV series in NZ from April to June, according to the latest quarterly survey by Parrot Analytics.

The Handmaid’s Tale generated increasingly high demand in New Zealand, with peaks aligning with episodic releases of the series’ second season,” the latest Global Television Demand Report says.

Lost in Space was the most popular digital original mid-April, aligning with the reboot’s release.”

Netflix’s controversial 13 Reasons Why generated 236,681 demand expressions, which are defined as the total audience demand expressed for a title, within a country, on any platform.

Lightbox’s Handmaid was the only other series to top 200,000 expressions while Netflix’s Stranger Things and Lost in Space were the only other shows to top 100,000.

Only one Amazon Prime series made the top 20 (The Grand Tour) and one Neon series (Marvel’s Runaways) but two Amazon Prime series received honourable mentions (Bosch and Sneaky Pete).

Handmaid was the only original Lightbox series to crack the top 20; its only other entry was off-network favourite Community.

The top 20 most in-demand digital original series:

1 13 Reasons Why Netflix Drama 236,681

2 The Handmaid’s Tale Lightbox Drama 203,760

3 Stranger Things Netflix Drama 110,839

4 Lost In Space Netflix Drama 109,796

5 Cobra Kai YouTube Premium Drama 98,940

6 Star Trek: Discovery Netflix Drama 95,118

7 The Grand Tour Amazon Video Sports 93,268

8 Black Mirror Netflix Drama 90,849

9 Orange Is The New Black Netflix Comedy 79,178

10 Sense8 Netflix Drama 78,497

11 Arrested Development Netflix Comedy 68,459

12 Altered Carbon Netflix Drama 65,262

13 Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix Action and Adventure 63,203

14 Carpool Karaoke Apple Music Variety 60,015

15 The Crown Netflix Drama 56,996

16 Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Netflix Netflix 50,628

17 Marvel’s Runaways Neon Hulu 50,620

18 Santa Clarita Diet Netflix Netflix 49,260

19 Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events Netflix Netflix 48,202

20 Community Lightbox NBC 47,769

A selection of 5 additional digital original series of interest:

28 Stargate Origins Stargate Command Action and Adventure 34,514

29 The Looming Tower Sky NZ Drama 34,283

33 Bosch Amazon Video Drama 30,315

36 Sneaky Pete Amazon Video Drama 27,728

60 Nailed It Netflix Reality 15,013

Those who engage with TV content are very likely to do so on a laptop or desktop (23%), the report says.

“They are least likely to engage with TV content on a tablet. Usage for the device skews male 66% while watching on a laptop/desktop is led by 18-24 & 25-34 at a combined 58%. Interestingly, mobile phone watching is pretty even for all those under 45-years-old.”

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    August 29, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    So Parrot uses its proprietary algorithm to determine 13 Reasons Why created “demand expressions” 236k times. Is that correct? Given the higher weight is placed on active consumption then TVNZ looks pretty terrific with 2.7m “impressions” across May/June for Love Island Australia? And Shorty with 2.9m “impressions” across the 3 months (46k-54k average views per episode). So is the Parrot data completely useless or is it just that nobody is really watching this stuff?

  2. Interesting to see Cobra Kai figure so highly in the list. That must mean YouTube Premium has a good level of penetration here.

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