3D Week: Hi-Def Debrief – What’s New on the Web

Trusted Reviews has given the tentative thumbs-up to Philips’ first passive 3D TV with a 21:9 ratio.

Stressing it was an early production model, TR praised the ultra-wide, 50-inch LED stunner for its snazzy design, affordability, multimedia flexibility, Dual View Gaming option, and lack of cross-talk and subliminal flickering while watching 3D content.

However, the set lost points for a picture that wasn’t as crisp and detailed as its active 3D sister model, although TR expected these areas will be improved for its official launch in the UK summer.

Don’t bank on buying it here — Philips no longer markets its high-end TVs in Australasia.

Hopefully, other manufacturers will offer their own 21:9 displays, just as they followed Philips in the mid-’90s when it released the first 16:9 CRT TV (the first to do so is Vizio in the US).

Meanwhile, Sound + Vision has published its list of 2011’s most anticipated 3D movies, with Piranha 3DD topping the top 10.

CNET has more news about Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D TV plans and PC World has a new Early Adopters Guide to all things 3D that includes a “State of the Union” analysis of shooting in 3D and being able to view the footage on a compatible TV.

Finally, Sony will film Wimbledon in 3D for global broadcast — but Kiwis will have to settle for a Blu-ray 3D highlights disc, as Sony did with the FIFA World Cup.

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