4/5 for JBL’s New 5.1 Soundbar

The most innovative of JBL’s new Bar series of soundbars has been highly rated by Trusted Reviews.

The range, which has just gone on sale in Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi stores, comprises 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1 options with wireless subwoofers.

What distinguishes the Bar 5.1 ($1199) are its detachable, battery-powered rear speakers that can be separated from the soundbar to radiate Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound for up to 10 hours.

It’s reminiscent of the Philips Fidelio system of a few years back, which was impressive but offered only 4.1 channels.

“The headline feature of the JBL Bar 5.1 has to be the transformation between a 2.1 and 5.1 sound system. This is brilliant – it really works,” Trusted Reviews said in it 4/5 appraisal.

As a soundbar with a subwoofer this system is fine, giving a room-filling sound for those who want to keep the setup super-minimal. But if you want real surround sound then you simply pull out the end speakers, held in place via magnets, and place them at the rear of the room.

The system comes with a calibration mic, so you can let it auto-setup the sound within seconds. You need only do this once if those rear speakers will always be placed in the same spot at the rear of the room. These speakers are battery-powered, and go into 5.1 mode as soon as you detach them – you don’t need to do anything.

When it comes to big sound, JBL doesn’t hold back. As such, if you go loud or pump up the bass then you get a room-shaking experience from the 510W of power available to you. This is far more than the Philips Soundbar speaker alternative can manage; it tops out at the 210W mark.

The JBL Bar 5.1 is great for movies and ideal for music. The subtle bass from the sub adds just enough to feel dramatic, while the punchy mids make for clear voices amid movie sound effects.

At the product’s launch in a Sydney cinema last week, JBL’s soundbars were set up in place of the Golden Age Cinema’s sound system to demonstrate their prowess for a screening of Mad Max: Fury Road.

“The Bar 5.1 soundbar was placed at the front providing clear L+R+C from four x 2.25” ‘racetrack’ drivers and three x 1.25” tweeters,” Gadget Guy reports.

The effect is almost perfect mid-range and very respectable treble almost to 20kHz. It also has great stereo separation with the sound coming from well outside the bar.

The detachable, rechargeable (10-hour life), RR and LR speakers have a single 2.25” driver each and add the two rear channels. These were placed behind row six adding the spatial sound. You need 5.1 content for 5.1 sound.

The massive 10” wireless Sub was at the rear of the theatre. It cuts in around 60Hz and is strong to about 300Hz where the drivers take over.

On 100% volume (for the sound bar and rear speakers) and about 60% for the sub it produced room-filling sound (JBL claim 35Hz to 20kHz and 104dB – my readings confirm this) with no appreciable harmonic distortion. Incredible.

The other soundbars are priced from $299 for the Studio, $599 for the Bar 2.1 and $799 for the Bar 3.1. Here’s the full press release:

JBL launches the all new Bar series, high performance soundbar models to fit every setting in the home

JBL New Zealand, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harman International & Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces an all-new JBL Bar series, a line of high-performance soundbars with a slender design, Bluetooth 4.0 for streaming music and superior sound quality.

Available in four models, the Bar Studio, Bar 2.1, Bar 3.1, and Bar 5.1, the series gives entertainment lovers customisable options to fit any home theatre environment.

JBL’s most expansive soundbar series to date fills any room with theatre-quality sound to elevate the enjoyment of TV, movies, music and video games.

In addition to featuring JBL Signature Sound and Dolby Digital decoding, the Bar series comes equipped with additional speakers to further enhance sound performance.

Exceptional bass ensures viewers won’t miss a single beat or blast, whether listening to music or indulging in the latest Hollywood thriller.

Engineered to make entertainment simpler, the Bar series is easy to set up and has multiple convenient connections, including HDMI and HDMI ARC inputs as well as optical and AUX wired connections.

The higher models, including 3.1 and 5.1, come with multiple 4K HDMI pass-through inputs to connect additional devices like Blu-Ray players, game consoles and more.

For increased ease of use, each soundbar is programmed to respond to the TV remote, eliminating the need for multiple controllers.

For those who love the second screen experience, the JBL Bar series also comes equipped with JBL SoundShift technology, allowing users to instantly swap audio sources.

“With the all-new JBL Bar series, we redefine the home theatre experience by delivering epic JBL Signature Sound in a sleek and stylish package,” said Marcus Fry, Brand Activation Director, of AUNZ at Harman.

“Designed with the user in mind, it is the ultimate home audio solution for every type of listener, and the perfect accent to any living space.”

JBL Bar 5.1 Flagship Sound Experience

For buyers looking for a full, all-wireless true surround sound experience, the JBL Bar5.1 features two battery-powered, rechargeable, wireless rear speakers with 10 hours of battery life – equivalent to the duration of four to five Hollywood movies. Making it even more versatile, both rear speakers detach from the soundbar and can be placed anywhere in the room, transforming the system into the ultimate, personalised cinema quality experience. Boasting 510W of total system power, three 4K HDMI inputs, a 10” wireless subwoofer and DTS decoding, the Bar 5.1 is the most advanced soundbar in the series, vividly bringing the hardest-hitting action flicks and games to life.

JBL 3.1 Bar Series

Featuring 450W of total system power and a 10″ wireless subwoofer for thrilling bass, and voice clarity, the JBL Bar 3.1 soundbar with JBL Surround Sound and Dolby Digital offers best-in-class surround sound audio. Bluetooth enabled for convenient, wireless streaming, the JBL Bar 3.1 connects up to three 4K devices via HDMI inputs for state-of-the-art viewing and listening experience. With the dedicated amplifer and speakers for center channel, clear dialogue can be enjoyed even during the most thrilling scenes. Further enhanced with JBL SoundShift, the JBL Bar3.1 can instantly switch between TV sound, and sound from mobile phones or tablets.

2.1 & Bar Studio Series

For consumers looking for a more entry-level soundbar, the Bluetooth-enabled Bar Studio is the perfect addition to smaller rooms, providing exceptional sound and music streaming capabilities for the best bargain. The Studio is slim and simple to use with one cable connection via HDMI ARC, and JBL Surround Sound for a stellar virtual surround sound experience from just one soundbar. For more power, viewers have the option of the ar 2.1 — an intermediate soundbar with a wireless subwoofer.

JBL Link Bar – Coming Soon

Recently, the JBL Link Bar was released at the Google IO developer conference. This product will be available in Australia and New Zealand in October 2018. The Link Bar will be the industry’s first Soundbar powered by Android TV with the Google Assistant built in. It’s designed to combine JBL’s audio expertise and Android TV’s plethora of content, delivering a smarter way to watch your favourite content with best-in-class sound. The Link Bar turns any TV, regardless of make or model, into a Smart TV. Just by saying “Hey Google,” you’ll open the door to a world of programming available hands-free through Android TV. More information on this product and exciting collaboration with Google will be available in Q3, 2018.

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