Critical Condition: The Blacklist

"Same characters but a different show," Megan Boone says of The Blacklist's third season, which has the tagline, "It's good to be wanted" (TV3, 8.30 Tuesday).

“Same characters but a different show,” Megan Boone says of The Blacklist’s third season, which has the tagline, “It’s good to be wanted” (TV3, 8.30 Tuesday).

“There’s a lot to like about The Blacklist’s season premiere. It’s fun, it’s exciting but, most importantly, it’s full of passion … The show is now getting back to what it does best, putting Liz and Red in impossible situations they must figure a fantastical way out of … then the season premiere is certainly promising that we’re going to be living with the ‘Liz on the run’ storyline for a while (probably until the mid-season finale), and that’s totally fine if the show can maintain the level of excitement portrayed in its first episode back.”

The Blacklist ended its second season on a truly unexpected note, one that altered the direction of the series, leaving its two central characters on the run together like a May-December version of Bonnie & Clyde, or maybe Boris & Natasha. In practice, however, their fugitive status made for a rather ho-hum season premiere, although the hour ended – as the series often does – on one of those tantalising notes that whets the appetite for the next week.”

“It was quite an exciting season premiere. Just as I said at the end of season two, there is no way the show could remain the same – hunting down members of the Blacklist and only slowly moving the main plot ahead. The Troll Farmer was barely a character in this episode and whether he got caught or went free was only a small side plot. The whole focus for now is on getting Liz and Red to safety … and I have no idea where the show will turn once that is accomplished.”

“It might be strange to say that in its season 3 premiere, The Blacklist feels remarkably like a show ready to lighten up and have some fun with its admittedly goofy premise … It begins with the episode’s title [The Troll Farmer] – a clever nod to the social media manipulator who happens to be one of the titular blacklisters – but that same winking sensibility continues on throughout the hour, suggesting a new tone for the series as it shifts gears (however temporarily), making its two leads fugitives and taking the storyline further outside its comfort zone than ever before.”

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