5-0 Celebrates the Big 1-5-0

TV3’s faith in Hawaii Five-O is paying off, with the crime reboot proving competitive at 9.30 Wednesdays.

Last week in the US it celebrated its 150th episode by topping the Friday night ratings.

Here, after years off being shuffled in and out of primetime, the fifth season is proving to be an effective counter-programming tool for TV3.

It invariably loses to TVNZ 2’s The Mysteries of Laura, which ends tonight, but just as often out-rates TVNZ 1’s 9.30 option.

For the past few weeks that’s been Love Child but as of tonight, TVNZ 1 is burning off Dirty Laundry in double-eps.

That should only boost H5O’s popularity. Already it has started to improve on lead-in Chicago Med, with last week’s ep averaging 3.0% of 25-54 year-olds compared to the hospital drama’s 2.7%.

In the 18-49 demographic, the gap was even wider: 3.1% vs 2.6%.

Neither TV3 drama was helped by House Rules tanking at 7.30, with only 2.8% of 25-54s and 2.3% of 18-49s.

H5O’s ratings revival is remarkable given its inconsistent scheduling and bodes well for the series still being in primetime by the time the 150th episode rolls around to screening here.

But given that’s 42 episodes away — tonight’s is ep 15 of season five, the 150th was ep 7 of season seven — don’t expect to see it on TV3 until at least this time next year.

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3 Responses to “5-0 Celebrates the Big 1-5-0”

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    November 9, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Doesn’t look like tonight’s episode will air tonight due to extended election coverage.

  2. Stupid TiVo recorded the hospital show instead of H5-0. Isn’t TiVo supposed to be smart enough to know what it’s recording instead of blindly recording whatever is in the alotted time slot?

  3. You’d think so, but it depends on the local broadcaster flagging it as such and the Australian operators of TiVo being on the ball enough to implement the change. Alas, TiVo (I have one and still think it’s the best of the PVRs) is now euphemistically called a “legacy product”, which means the EPG is rarely kept up to date …

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