Critical Condition: Cold Feet

Cold Feet (TVNZ 1, 8.35 Thursdays)

“New Cold Feet is more than simply a reboot. Middle age gives writer Mike Bullen a whole new area to explore, full of traps and miseries and even the occasional joy. Bullen – and the cast – tackle the challenge with the same wit and warmth and humanness that they did last time out.” — The Guardian.

Cold Feet 2.0 was warm, funny, confident and, as always, cleverer than it looked. ITV has something here that Netflix or Amazon, with all their hyped box sets, don’t: a witty, grown-up soap.” — The Times.

“Could the old magic be recaptured with this heavily hyped comeback? Largely, yes. This was witty, well-made drama – no longer as fresh or original, perhaps, but still compelling and warm. It worked because it wasn’t purely wallowing in nostalgia or trading on past glories, offering something more sobering and poignant.” — The Telegraph.

“Revivals and reboots of long-gone shows can be like reunions. Talked about a great deal, anticipated with mounting dread and ultimately a bit of a let down. In that way Cold Feet always had an advantage. It was about friends and couples, something universal, with no sell-by date.” — Daily Express.

“I think the show is at its best yet in its new incarnation: chiefly, it has benefited from the very fact of its characters growing older, which has given it a new tone of autumnal melancholy and a greater emotional sophistication.” — The i.

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