Academy on Demand Launch Titles

If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of new releases, document-aries and classics to stream over the next four weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, NZ’s newest service Academy on Demand offers a compelling alternative to the blockbuster-driven slates of other platforms.

It will launch on Friday with a line-up that will be predominantly in HD, the only possible exceptions being classics.

Rental price points will be $4.99 and $7.99 for seven days, with $5 Wednesday specials.

Confirmed so far:
  • Ailo’s Journey
  • Barbara
  • Before We Vanish
  • Border
  • Borg Vs McEnroe
  • Dancer
  • Girl
  • Girls of the Sun
  • Greedy Lying Bastards
  • Holy Camp
  • Hurricane
  • In Between
  • Interlude in Prague
  • Lovesong
  • Old Dog
  • Orchestra Class
  • Out
  • Pecking Order
  • Penny Pincher
  • Roxane
  • Speak Up
  • Support the Girls
  • The Amber Light
  • The Bygone
  • The Exes
  • The Happy Prince
  • The Ideal Palace
  • The Last Suit
  • Vai
  • Waru
  • Whisky Galore
  • Winter at Westbeth
  • Under the Silver Lake
  • Heathers
  • The Babadook
  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
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6 Responses to “Academy on Demand Launch Titles”

  1. Compelling? Largely third-rate titles you wouldn’t even find in the clearance bins at The Warehouse.

  2. Perhaps, thx1138, but it’s still a chance to stream in HD some of the more recent, stronger titles that you would find only on DVD at The Warehouse and could struggle to find on other platforms.

  3. Can’t get to The Warehouse for another 26 days anyway thx1138 😉

  4. Very good point, Clint.

  5. Over the pond Scomo has declared jigsaw puzzles as essential. Maybe Jacinda will do the same with these films? 😀

  6. You’re on fire today, thx1138.

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