An Extra $10M for NZOA

From the ashes of the disastrous proposal to merge TVNZ and RNZ comes an extra $10 million in NZ On Air funding for 2023/24.

We have listened to New Zealanders and now is not the right time to restructure our public media,” Minister for Broadcasting and Media Willie Jackson said today in a statement.

“To bolster collaborative public broadcasting, we will be restoring NZ On Air funding and providing a $10 million increase for 2023/2024 to support the creation of innovative content.

“The funding will support the creation of high-quality content that better represents and connects with audiences such as Māori, Pasifika, Asian, disabled people and our rangatahi and tamariki. It is vital that all New Zealanders are seeing and hearing themselves in our public media.”

RNZ, meanwhile, will receive an annual increase of $25.7 million.

Here’s NZOA’s media release about what the funding boost will mean:

NZ On Air ready to roll with new investment strategy and $10m additional funds 

NZ On Air is rolling out a new strategy to address the ongoing transformation in the way local audiences connect with the stories and songs of Aotearoa, boosted today with an additional $10m in funding from government.

NZ On Air Board Chair Dr Ruth Harley welcomed the confirmation of the return of $42m in contestable funds, which had been earmarked for the discontinued ANZPM (public media entity), along with an extra $10m.

“These funds will assist us to support innovative public media content for some of the hard-to-reach audiences such as rangatahi, tamariki, Māori, Pacific peoples, Asian and disabled people, on the platforms they use,” said Dr Harley.

“The $10m increase points to the ongoing challenges of delivering quality public media to all audiences in Aotearoa and NZ On Air’s role in the wider media ecosystem to ensure we continue to reflect and develop New Zealand’s identity and culture,” Dr Harley continued.

In line with the government’s announcement, the funding will be used to bolster collaborative public broadcasting outcomes and foster new ideas and broader audience reach.

The public media agency also has a new investment strategy launched today. NZ On Air Chief Executive Cameron Harland says the strategy ensures content investment is led by robust research and data insights, underpinned by targeted investment in sector capability building, and with support to ensure content finds its audiences through improved discoverability.

“This new strategy takes a more holistic approach to our investments, recognising that finding hard-to-reach audiences is our biggest challenge. But it is one that we are well-equipped to meet, with the ability to partner with the sector to create content audiences want, on the platforms and services they use,” said Mr Harland.

The NZ On Air Investment strategy is available here.

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    April 6, 2023 at 3:21 pm

    More money thrown into the bottomless pit called NZ On Air.

  2. Someone woke up on the grumpy side of bed.

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