And Now for Something Completely Definitive

Monty Python fans have only three weeks to wait for the NZ release of the Blu-ray box set of the Flying Circus TV series.

The outstanding HD restoration of all four series is spread across seven discs with premium extras.

Here’s what $150 will buy you on September 10:

Series 1 Features:

  • Sex and violence: Reinstated content, studio outtakes
  • Full Frontal Nudity: Studio outtakes
  • The Ant, an Introduction: Studio outtakes
  • Untitled: Extended Ron Obvious filmed material
  • And clean end titles footage

Series 2 Features:

  • The Buzz Aldrin Show: Extended & unused filmed material
  • Live from the Grill-O-Mat: Extended Ken Clean-Air System filmed material
  • It’s a Living: Reinstated content & alternative, censored sketch audio, extended Election Night Special and School Prizes filmed material
  • How to Recognise Different Parts of the Body: Reinstated content & alternative, censored sketch audio
  • Scott of the Antarctic: Extended filmed material
  • How Not to Be Seen: Restored animation, unused film material, extended Conquistador Coffee sketch
  • And Now For Something Completely Different: Vic Jamison’s 1970 student film shot on location with the Python team
  • Interview with Ian Macnaughton: Recorded in November 1971 at Imperial College London

Series 3 Features:

  • Whicker’s World: Extended Mrs. Premise & Mrs. Conclusion Travel to Paris filmed material
  • Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror: Extended The Pantomime Horse is a Secret Agent filmed material and Bus Conductor extended scene
  • The All-England Summarize Proust Competition: Reinstated content
  • Salad Days: Reinstated content
  • The Nude Organist: Reinstated content with extended Trees animation, studio outtakes, alternative Terry Gilliam-approved sound mix
  • E Henry Thripshaw’s Disease: Extended Gay Boys in Bondage animation and Sir Philip Sidney sketch
  • Dennis Moore: Extended Redistribution of Wealth sketch
  • A Book at Bedtime: Reinstated content, original opening, extended Heath Tango animation
  • Grandstand: Extended Grandstand filmed material, studio outtakes, extended Charwoman animation, unused Betty Blood Donor animation
  • Series 3 Monologue Rushes

Series 4 Features:

  • The Golden Age of Ballooning: Extended Barry Zeppelin filmed material
  • Michael Ellis: Deleted Icelandic Honey Week filmed material, extended Toupee Department and Football Pundits filmed material
  • LE War: Repeats extended voiceover & unused M2 filmed material, When Does a Dream Begin (clean closing titles)
  • Hamlet: Extended Queen Victoria Handicap filmed material
  • Mr Neutron: Reinstated content, extended Mr Neutron Takes Tea filmed material
  • Party Political Broadcast: Extended Fanshawe-Chumleigh Dinner Party filmed material, deleted Ursula Hitler filmed material
  • Restoring Flying Circus with Terry Gilliam
  • In Vision archive interview from December 1974
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