And the Winner on the Night … ?

TVNZ 1’s election night coverage was most popular with viewers 5+ but in the commercial demographic that matters most — 25-54 year-olds — it lost to Three.

Both networks compete for bragging rights to this demo and were neck-and-neck in the previous two elections, ex-MediaWorks news boss Mark Jennings noted in his preview.

But this year — the first time both networks offered HD election coverage — TVNZ 1 topped its rival only in the first quarter-hour of the five-hour telecast, thanks to a stronger lead-in from its news bulletin.

Otherwise, Three was well in front, peaking with 251,500 viewers from 9.45-10.00 versus TVNZ 1’s 139,200.

But in the 5+ stakes, Three beat TVNZ 1 in only one quarter-hour segment.

Three’s 25-54 dominance was also reflected in an online poll conducted by Stuff that shows the network’s coverage was more popular than TVNZ’s.

In his appraisal of the food-driven coverage, Stuff entertainment editor Steve Kilgallon argues “it seemed that TVNZ spent much of the evening following Three” and that Mike Hosking was “on irritating form, cutting across almost everyone on his panel with disdain.

“He could barely contain himself when Peter Dunne, who had been promoted from twiddling twitter feeds with Jehan Casinader to the big table, tried to float a National-Green coalition.

“But early on, Hosking seemed to have decided National had it won, and after that, he just wanted to go home and vacuum the Jaguar.”

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2 Responses to “And the Winner on the Night … ?”

  1. I watched Three’s coverage on Saturday night and thought it was excellent, just wish the outcome was different but still it now all depends on the special votes and Winston :)

  2. Best coverage was from Radio NZ who had John Campbell, Mihi Forbes and Guyon Espiner.
    Low-tech visuals but insightful, informed commentary.

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