Another Late Disney+ Addition for March

Disney+ has just confirmed Amy Schumer’s new comedy series Life & Beth will stream here as a Star Original from Friday.

It stars Amy Schumer (Trainwreck) as a Manhattan wine distributor in a long-term relationship when a sudden incident forces her to engage with her past — with life-changing consequences.

Through flashbacks to her teen self, Beth starts to learn how she became who she is and who she wants to become.

Michael Cera, Susannah Flood and Violet Yong co-star in a true life-inspired comedy Schumer also wrote, directed and executive produced.

Reviews were mixed but favourable.

The New York Post thought it “a mixed bag as a whole, but it’s always a good thing when a creator who’s as established as Schumer puts out a work that feels fresh and different” while The Hollywood reporter said: “The half-hour dramedy sets out to chart Beth’s changing relationships with her friends, family, romance, health and career over past and present.

“It’s a tall order for ten half-hour episodes, and the series’ reach somewhat exceeds its grasp. It’s neither as hilarious nor as moving as it seems like it could be, and the tonal shifts between ‘dram’ and ‘edy’ can be jarring.”

Life + Beth’s last-minute addition follows that of the movie, Death on the Nile, which will stream from March 30 (in the US, it will stream on HBO Max and Hulu).

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4 Responses to “Another Late Disney+ Addition for March”

  1. YAY, looking forward to the Marvel Netflix shows on Wednesday. I found a post on Facebook with the order to watch them in. It’s been awhile since I last watched them but they are definitely worth watching even Iron Fist ?

  2. I see HBO Max and Discovery+ are going to be combined into one streaming service. It sounds awesome, hope we will hear soon about when New Zealand will be getting it ???

  3. Yes, Trevor, will be fascinating to see how the merged service unfolds here given Sky’s hold on HBO product. But with Discovery now well entrenched with its FTA and pay-TV NZ services, and the company hinting at its new season launch there would be big changes here with the merger, expect a streaming upheaval sooner rather than later. Here’s Variety’s coverage of the single platform announcement.

  4. I did wonder about Sky, Philip, but I’m hopeful that can be worked out. This is bigger than Sky. At least Discovery have got the perfect place to put it ???

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