Apocalypse Now Redux II?

First there was Apocalypse Now, then the director’s cut, Apocalypse Now Redux, and now the Blu-ray equivalent, Apocalypse Now Redux II.

Universal Pictures NZ is releasing two editions of Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam War epic: one with two discs and another with three, with the extra disc including Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse, the movie-length kiss-and-tell documentary his wife, Eleanor, made.

However, the three-disc special edition will be exclusive to JB Hi-FI.

The retailer has been aggressive in its promotion of Blu-ray, both in terms of pricing and the range it stocks.

This strategy has included uniquely packaged Blu-rays, 3D versions of key titles and special editions with extra content, such as the triple-disc Apocalypse Now.

As well as Hearts of Darkness in HD, but presented in the original 4:3 aspect ratio, the set will include:

  • John Milius script excerpt with Francis Ford Coppola notes;
  • Storyboard collection;
  • Photo archive;
  • 1979 radio spots;
  • Lobby card and press kit photos; and,
  • Poster gallery.

Whichever version you opt for when they’re released on August 3, US and UK critics predict you’ll be wowed by the HD audio and video specs.

Being able to see Apocalypse Now/Redux for the first time in a restored 2.35:1 frame apparently is “a huge improvement … The film is really not watchable at any other aspect ratio” and makes for “an absolutely magnificent presentation of a landmark film”.

“Colours are startlingly vivid throughout and the level of detail is staggering” and while the soundtrack may be tame by modern standards, “it’s a dynamic and entertaining mix” that’s a textbook example of “how to tell a story with sound”.

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2 Responses to “Apocalypse Now Redux II?”

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    July 13, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Well, that’s good news. I was seriously disappointed when it looked like we weren’t getting the 3-disc.

  2. Also good to finally see it in OAR, despite what DP Storaro and director Coppola have said in the past …

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