Apple TV+ Reveals Premiere Dates

New seasons of The Mosquito Coast, Slow Horses, Mythic Quest and Little America will roll out on Apple TV+ in November and December.

They will premiere as part of a spring slate that includes Peter Farrelly’s The Greatest Beer Run Ever (today), the Charlie Hunnam series Shantaram (October 14), the Jennifer Lawrence movie Causeway (November 4) and the documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me (November 4).

Here are the blurbs:

The Mosquito Coast S2 (November 4)

Based on Paul Theroux’s best-selling novel and starring Justin Theroux, Melissa George, Logan Polish, and Gabriel Bateman, The Mosquito Coast follows the dangerous journey of Allie Fox, a brilliant inventor and stubborn idealist, who uproots his family on a dangerous quest to find refuge from the U.S. government, cartels, and hitmen. In season two, after barely escaping Mexico with their lives, the Foxes venture deep into the Guatemalan jungle to meet up with an old friend and her community of refugees. This new refuge creates trouble for the Foxes though when they become entangled in a conflict between the scions of a local drug lord. At odds about whether to settle down or keep moving, Allie and Margot pursue different paths to secure their family’s future. The outcome of which will either unite the family or tear it apart forever. 

One episode a week will roll out through January 6. 

Mythic Quest S3 (November 11)

In S3 of the workplace comedy, Ian and Poppy navigate the gaming world and their partnership at the newly formed GrimPop Studios, Dana is forced to play mediator to her bosses’ incessant bickering. Back at Mythic Quest, David settles into his new role as the boss where he truly finds himself in charge for the first time with Jo returning as his assistant — more loyal and militant than ever; and Carol attempts to figure out where she fits in after a new promotion. At Berkeley, Rachel struggles to balance her morals with capitalism, while a post-prison Brad tries to return to society as a reformed man. 

S3 will premiere with two episodes, followed by one episode weekly through January 6.

Slow Horses S2 (December 2)

In S2 of the darkly humorous espionage drama about a dysfunctional team of British intelligence agents, long-buried Cold War secrets emerge that threaten to bring carnage to the streets of London. When a liaison with Russian villains takes a fatal turn, our hapless heroes must overcome their individual failings and raise their spy game in a race to prevent a catastrophic incident.

S2 will premiere with two episodes followed by one episode weekly, every Friday through December 30.

Little America S2 (December 9)

Inspired by the true stories featured in Vox Media Studios’ Epic Magazine, S2 will explore eight incredible stories inspired by real people from around the world, including a Belizian woman (Stacy Rose) who works for a Hasidic family in New York, a Korean man (Ki Hong Lee) who makes hats for the Black church community in 1980s Detroit, and the story of a 40-something Japanese woman in Columbus, Ohio (Shiori Ideta) whose dream is to assemble an all-women’s baseball league to fulfill her lifelong passion for the sport.

The complete second season will premiere with eight instalments on December 9. 

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5 Responses to “Apple TV+ Reveals Premiere Dates”

  1. The only reason I’ve got Apple TV+ is to watch For All Mankind. Once that’s finished so is Apple TV+.

  2. Is there a rumour going around about Paramount+ coming to New Zealand or did I just get my hopes up for nothing? Have you heard anything, Philip? ?

  3. News to me, Trevor. Would seem unlikely given how Paramount has maximised its licensing of content to the likes of Sky and TVNZ. However, given today’s news about AMC+, anything would seem possible …

  4. Hey, Paul W, before you go, try Tehran or Slow Horses — two vert fine series.

  5. They could be talking about old news maybe? Oh well, definitely should check out Documentary Now on AMC+, it’s hilarious ?

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