Apple TV+ Unveils Gordon-Levitt Comedy

Apple TV+ today released the trailer for Mr. Corman, a new Apple Original comedy series created and  directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also plays the titular character.

The first two of 10 episodes will debut on August 6, with the rest to stream weekly.

Gordon-Levitt’s Josh Corman is a frustrated musician who teaches fifth grade at a public school in the San Fernando Valley.

His ex-fiancé has moved out, his high school buddy has moved in, and he’s struggling through anxiety, loneliness and a sinking suspicion that he sucks as a person.

“Darkly funny, oddly beautiful, and deeply heartfelt, this relatable dramedy speaks for our contemporary generation of 30-somethings: rich with good intentions, poor with student loans, and yearning to become real grown-ups sometime before they die,” reads the blurb.

Arturo Castro, Debra Winger, Bobby Hall aka Logic, Alexander Jo, Juno Temple, Jamie Chung, Shannon Woodward and Hector Hernandez co-star.

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One Response to “Apple TV+ Unveils Gordon-Levitt Comedy”

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    July 10, 2021 at 11:17 am

    The trailer reminds me of ” 500 Days of Summer” with the fantasy sequences and YAY, it was made here in Wellington. I wonder if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is intending to stay here permanently, I know he has got his family with him ?

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