Ted Lassos Global Stampede

In an era of TV dominated by anti-heroes, post-apocalyptic wastelands and misbehaving leads, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso is proving that positivity and optimism can pay off with “massive audience demand”, Parrot Analytics reports.

“Just ahead of Apple’s upcoming earnings report, season two of the Jason Sudeikis-fronted comedy debuted as one of the most in-demand TV shows in the US and around the world over the weekend,” the research firm said overnight.

As of Saturday, Ted Lasso was the eighth most in-demand overall show, generating 41.2x more audience demand than the average show in the US. It was also the second most in-demand digital original in the US, just behind Disney+’s Loki (42.8x).

Globally, Ted Lasso (44.9x) was the 18th most in-demand overall show, and the 7th most in-demand digital original.

“Audience demand for the show’s debut has grown exponentially season over season, and Ted Lasso been a key driver of Apple TV+’s demand share growth in the US and worldwide over the last year,” Parrot Analytics says.

“With Ted Lasso’s weekly release schedule – a strategy proven to build audience demand over time – we expect to see these already impressive numbers to grow further over the coming weeks.”

US Time Shift Analysis

  • Season two debuted to 38.7x the demand of the average show in the US – a full 20 times more demand than the series’ season one debut, which got 1.9x the demand of the average show in the US.
  • Season one of Ted Lasso – released on a weekly schedule – steadily grew in demand during its first season, as audiences sought a positive refuge in the face of lockdown life and daily COVID news, topping out at 30.0x average demand the day after its season one finale.
  • Season two’s debut demand was 29% higher than the peak demand during season one with American audiences, indicating new audiences kept discovering the show between seasons.

Global Time Shift Analysis

  • Globally, Ted Lasso is performing even better. Season two debuted to 41.4x demand of average show worldwide, while season one debuted to just .5x the demand of the average show globally.
  • Global audience demand during season one of Ted Lasso peaked at 32.9x.
  • Global demand for Ted Lasso’s season two debut was already 25.8% higher than its peak demand during season one, showing new global audiences also discovered the show in between seasons.

Apple TV+ Demand Share

The demand share for Apple TV+’s digital originals – a key leading indicator of subscriber growth – has grown significantly since Ted Lasso debuted in August 2020, a trend the show is likely going to help push forward in Q3 2021.

Global Digital Original Demand Share

  • In Q2 2021, Apple TV+ had 5.4% of the global demand share for all digital originals.
  • This was fifth best of the major streamers, just behind Hulu (5.6%) and ahead of HBO Max (4.8%).
  • This represented a 54.3% improvement over Q3 2020, when Ted Lasso debuted, and when Apple TV+ was at 3.5% global demand share.
US Digital Original Demand Share
  • In Q2 2021 Apple TV+ had 5.3% demand share of US digital originals.
  • This was sixth best of the major streamers, behind HBO Max (5.8%) and well ahead of Paramount+ (3.4%).
  • This was a 26.2% improvement over Q3 2020, when US demand share was 4.2%.
As the Q2 2021 data does not include the audience demand of Ted Lasso season two, we expect the demand share for Apple TV+ to grow further in Q3 2021.
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