August Premiere for The Traitors NZ

If you missed yesterday’s announcement, the Paul Henry-fronted version of global phenomenon The Traitors will launch August 7 on Three and ThreeNow.

It will screen 7.30 Mondays and Tuesdays on Three but can be streamed earlier on ThreeNow.

Here’s the media release:


Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ is excited to unveil the 19 contestants who daringly signed up to play the ultimate game of deception and suspicion in New Zealand’s local version of the global smash-hit format, The Traitors, premiering on ThreeNow and Three on 7 August.

A mix of famous faces and everyday Kiwis, these death-defying players will join The Traitors NZ host Paul Henry in a secluded luxury lodge, where they will work together on exhilarating missions to build up a prize pool worth up to $70,000.

“It takes a special kind of person to subject themselves to this kind of torment and immerse themselves in it,” says Paul. “Our contestants all proved to be that special kind of person. Some in particular excelled in their devotion to the environment they found themselves in, paying the ultimate price.”

Hidden amongst the cast are the ‘Traitors’, whose goal is to eliminate the ‘Faithful’ contestants by ‘murdering’ them one by one. The players must uncover the Traitors and banish them from the game. If the Faithful contestants banish all the Traitors, they will share the prize fund but if a Traitor makes it to the end, they will steal all the money.

  • Brodie Kane: Broadcaster turned podcast entrepreneur, known for her high energy and big laughs – a master interviewer who brings good chat.
  • Mike Puru: Much-loved broadcasting and media personality with a genuine easy-going nature – he might surprise with his clever, cunning side.
  • Matt Heath: Radio host and media columnist, exudes boyish charm and humor – has acting experience to give him the upper hand.
  • Christen Oliveira: Entrepreneur and advocate for self-acceptance, a trend-setter whose youthful influencing energy could easily add a touch of sway to the game.
  • Brooke Howard-Smith: Entrepreneur and natural leader, whose charisma and strategic thinking could make him a formidable player.
  • Fili Tapa: Influencer, IT consultant, and fitness enthusiast, whose determination and discipline could give him a competitive edge.
  • Dylan Reeve: Writer and filmmaker with a keen eye for conspiracy theories, Dylan brings serious smarts and analytical skills to the game – sure to challenge assumptions.
  • Sam Smith: Comedian, writer and all round trusting guy, he’s sure to bring humor and loyalty – entertains people for a living, which may play to his advantage.
  • Kimberly Stewart: Often called New Zealand’s most accurate psychic, she brings observation by the plenty resulting in a touch of nervousness to the others.
  • Dan Sing: Professional Poker Player and Talent Manager. Has a master poker face with the uncanny ability to micro read people right down to the hair on their arms.
  • Justine Smith: Quick witted comedian, will bring her blend of hilarious stealth and years of performing experience – can spot a heckler or fake a mile away
  • Loryn Reynolds: Friendly and charming, the professional competitive ballroom dancer is used to performing with a smile to disarm.
  • Colin Mathura-Jeffree: Renowned model and a self-confessed smiling assassin, this game is made for Colin.
  • Robbie Bell: Senior Hair stylist and former city girl, the determined mother of four can chat with anyone but she takes no prisoners or fools.
  • Julia Vahry: This former Police Officer turned insurance guru knows a thing or two about frauds – not to be underestimated.
  • Anna Reeve: Not your typical, ‘mummy-blogger,’ Anna has some serious business nous behind her – she comes armed with an unassuming ease.
  • Sam ‘Fury’ Johnson: E-Blacks captain and professional gamer, used to being under pressure with a love for all things Defense of the Ancients.
  • Kings: Rapper, singer and songwriter who already has a TV competition under his belt – time to see who’s behind this talented mask
  • Vanda Symon: Crime novelist and former fencing champion with a fierce eye and imagination for all things criminal.

Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ Senior Director of Production, Vicki Keogh says: “I’m so proud of this stellar lineup which reflects an incredibly unique casting process.  We cast for individuals capable of duplicity and duality, who were able to bring a diverse range of skills that is essential to the success of the show. The result is a mix of known and unknown faces, all of whom leveled up and played the game with passion.”

Stream The Traitors NZ first on ThreeNow from Monday 7 August, and at 7:30pm on Three each Monday and Tuesday evening.

The Traitors was created by All3Media’s IDTV and The Traitors NZ was produced by South Pacific Pictures for Three and ThreeNow

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  1. Interesting article on Newsroom from Mark Jennings. Things not looking to hot for Trevor’s great hope.

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