AVForums Shatters Sky Glass TV Hopes

Leading UK audio-video website AVForums has given the thumbs-down to the supposedly revolutionary Sky Glass TV.

“On paper, Sky Glass TV promises an impressive package of convergence between the traditional TV, apps, no dish Sky TV, good sound and unique subscription-based pricing where in theory, you only need one (power) cable running to the set,” reviewer Phil Hinton writes.

“The reality is altogether different with a promising if highly frustrating UI, married to a budget level TV with mediocre picture quality, that lacks dynamic range robbing HDR content of its highlights and ultimate pop.

“This first-generation version of Glass showed promise but it requires some serious reworking for those of us who want decent picture quality to match the connected ambitions of Sky.”

Hinton did praise the “decent” soundbar, with up-firing speakers and Dolby Atmos, and found the smart credentials “adequate” with a good choice of apps.

But he concluded it “is not a TV for enthusiasts or those who want accurate image quality” and rated it 5/10.

“A separate high-quality TV, soundbar and Sky Q box would be a vastly superior route to take.”

However, Tech Radar rated it 4/5: “It’s technically ambitious, and the first all-streaming Sky TV package will be a boon to those denied a Sky dish.

“But to appreciate Sky Glass, you need to appreciate what it’s not – and that’s a straight replacement for Sky Q. It’s not as channel rich and suffers from not having any recording functionality. Still, it offers a lot, and gets much right.”

And that includes vibrant “crowd-pleasing candy colours” and “excellent fine detail performance”. But it also acknowledged: “This QLED TV’s AV performance is comparable to rival upper budget/mid-range models, rather than premium screens from the likes of Sony, LG, Panasonic and Samsung.”

Sky Glass TV will be offered to Foxtel subscribers in 2023 but Sky NZ has no plans to launch it here.

“We will watch with interest and of course will be open to discussion about a Sky Glass product in New Zealand in the future, if it has appeal to our customers,” a spokesperson said in October when Sky UK released the TV.

“For now, our focus is firmly on delivering our exciting new hybrid (internet and satellite) Sky Box to New Zealanders.”

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    March 9, 2022 at 5:34 pm

    No surprise, Sky has never been known for high quality tech.

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