Bad News re: One News in HD

TVNZ has confirmed One News at Six won’t be broadcast in HD any time soon.

Last month I posted the flagship bulletin would switch from SD to HD on January 2.

This was based on the official billings that TVNZ provides media.

However, it turns out there was a “data in-putting error” that “incorrectly listed One News as an HD programme”.

TVNZ has since corrected this and apologised for the confusion.

So this means TV3 looks like being the first NZ channel to screen its news bulletin in HD when MediaWorks’ new Newshub, an ambitious initiative to integrate its TV, digital and radio newsrooms, goes live within probably the next month or so.

TV3’s already offered some local HD current affairs content, such as the field segments in its defunct 3D/3rd Degree, but the launch of Newshub should see everything, from Paul Henry Live to Story and Newsworthy, at last broadcast in HD.

It’s astonishing that TVNZ seems willing to let its rival beat it to HD news and current affairs — especially when TV1’s own Te Karere already broadcasts Maori news in HD.

Choosing to air the nightly news hour in SD or HD may not drive ratings but it does shape a broadcaster’s profile and distinguishes the progressive from the reactionary.

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3 Responses to “Bad News re: One News in HD”

  1. It will be wonderful when the news goes HD as it looks so blah in SD :)

  2. I’m picking Newshub goes live from Feb 1 – all normal shows return from that week, a week later than usual.

  3. Doesn’t matter whether the news is SD or HD, it’s still dross so a dress up won’t improve things.

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