BBC Dracula Netflix-Bound

Netflix will stream BBC Christmas blockbuster Dracula from January 4.

The three-part Bram Stoker dramatisation will screen over three nights in the UK, from January 1-3.

“Upon seeing the first feature-length episode in full, it’s clear that there’s still plenty of life in the old bloodsucker yet,” Digital Spy reports.

Instead of updating Bram Stoker’s work in a modern-day context, Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have set their adaptation firmly in the past, much like the book it’s based on. Strangely enough, this actually makes the story feel fresher and far more relevant than many of the wannabe Dracula’s we’ve seen in more recent takes on screen.

Moffat told Radio Times: “I hope people have nightmares and jump and all that, but it is actually funny. It’s not the kind of horror that harrows you and makes you feel that the world is a miserable, wretched place or whatever.”

Hopefully Netflix will stream Dracula, in which Claes Bang plays the vampire as a bisexual, in 4K-UHD.

Netflix also will showcase another BBC attraction, Giri /Haji (January 10), which divided UK critics.

Said The Guardian: “From mob murders to snakes in letterboxes, this journey through the underbellies of London and Tokyo should be a smash. How have the BBC and Netflix managed to make it such a bore?”

But The Independent acclaimed it as “the most underrated television drama of 2019″ and Radio Times “one of the most exciting new BBC dramas of 2019, captivating audiences with its exceptional storytelling and breathtaking style, and allowing viewers around the country to fall in love with its excellent characters”.

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