BBC Yet to Release Wolf Hall for NZ


BBC Worldwide has yet to offer for sale in this territory its acclaimed, top-rating adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s novel, Wolf Hall.

The Tudor drama chronicling Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power went to air this week in the UK and, with the right unblocking tools, can be viewed in HD on the BBC’s iPlayer.

The obvious buyers here are TVNZ and Prime, with the former likely to make the highest bid for a six-part series that promises to be as popular as it is prestigious for TV1’s Sunday drama slot.

The risky £7 million commission’s premiere was the “most watched BBC2 drama in a decade,” drawing more than four million viewers and earning virtually universal acclaim.

“This is event television, sumptuous, intelligent, and serious, meticulous in detail but not humourless or po-face,” declared The Guardian.

And The Sunday Mirror’s critic dubbed it “close to perfect television”.

But The Mail reports some viewers have complained the use of realistic candlelit scenes left them in the dark, or wondering if their televisions were ‘on the blink‘.

“The makers of the Tudor drama went to such lengths to recreate the world of Thomas Cromwell that they used only candlelight to illuminate night-time scenes.”

And although The Times says historians doff their caps to Wolf Hall’s authenticity, “inevitably, though, some howlers got through.

“Hat etiquette, weathered buildings and suspiciously pretty women are among the inaccuracies identified.”

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