Best Blu-ray Buys: Paramount and Universal in October

Universal will set another low in Blu-ray pricing next month when it releases two new HD titles for only $15 each.

The Return and The Skeleton Key may be ho-hum horror movies but they were marketed as A-list titles on DVD, so it’s surprising to see them bow October 6 on Blu-ray for such a budget price.

Likewise, the Blu-ray release of the 50th anniversary edition of Spartacus, which will sell for only $25, and a new $20 “mid-range” selection: Dawn of the Dead, The Jackal, Hard Rain and Mercury Rising.

From October 6-December 24, Universal also is discounting the first three seasons of Heroes, for $60 each, and a swag of other back-catalogue titles that were among its earliest releases on Blu-ray.

You’ll be able to buy for $15 each: the Elizabeth and Smokin’ Aces movies, Baby Mama, Burn After Reading, Milk, The Strangers, 8 Mile, The Games, Hannibal and Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior.

Another $10 will buy you: each of the Bourne movies, American Gangster, Mama Mia, Coraline, The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Van Helsing, Pitch Black, Rambo: First Blood, Bruno, Serenity, The Grinch, An American Werewolf in London, Land of the Lost and The Vampire’s Assistant.

Meanwhile, over the same period Paramount will discount the first 10 Star Trek movies to $35 each, and the special edition of Star Trek XI to $40; also being re-promoted for $35 each are Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Topic Thunder and Watchmen.

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