Best Blu-ray Buys: Universal in November

One of the freakiest feature-creature treats of the last 20 years, the 1990 subterranean horror romp, Tremors, is coming to Blu-ray for the dirt-cheap price of $15.

It’s in a swag of back-catalogue HD releases Universal Pictures NZ will offer for bargain prices from November 3-December 24.

Also lined up for under $15 are: Miami Vice, The Kingdom, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Inside Man, Hot Fuzz, Fearless, Dante’s Peak, Red Dragon, Cliffhanger, 12 Monkeys, Shaun of the Dead, The Hulk, Twister, Honey.

Under $20: Mr Bean’s Holiday, Mr Bean: Ultimate Disaster Movie, Inglourious Basterds (single disc), It’s Complicated, Couples Retreat, Fast & Furious: Limited Edition (and its predecessors), Death Race, Public Enemies, Terminator 2: Skynet Edition, Total Recall SE, Wanted, The Mummy movies, King Kong.

Under $25: Kick-Ass, Green Zone, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, The Wolfman.

Multi-packs under $30: Smokin’ Aces/Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins Ball, Nanny McPhee/ … and the Big Bang, Mr Bean’s Holiday/Mr Bean: Ultimate Disaster Movie, The Scorpion King/ … Rise of a Warrior.

Box sets under $50: Bourne Trilogy, Mummy Trilogy, Fast & the Furious movies, Rambo Trilogy.

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