Big Bang Gang Back Bang on Time

TV2 will premiere the latest season of The Big Bang Theory within only a day or so of its US broadcast.

Season 10 will go to air here on September 21 and TV2 will continue the same-week strategy until November, when CBS will switch the sitcom from Monday nights to Thursday — which will delay the US-NZ transmission turnaround from just over one day to nearly a week.

TV2 took the same approach last year only to undo its fast-tracking efforts by keeping TBBT off-air for nearly two months over Christmas/New Year.

The series will resume from the season nine cliffhanger amid uncertainty for how many more years it will run given none of the regular cast has signed beyond 10 seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Sources say the cast … are all seeking pay raises from their historic contracts reached two years ago when the show was picked up for a three-season renewal.”

But showrunner Steve Molaro tells the trade paper contractural negotiations won’t affect what happens this season.

“All we can do right now is focus on season 10 and go script by script, which is what we would be doing anyway. As far as I’m concerned, here in the writers’ room, it’s business usual: moving forward with the characters and letting them live their lives day by day and feeling out what happens with them.”

He says the the season will pick up the day after Sheldon’s mum and Leonard’s dad went back to the hotel together.

“It’s awkward. Leonard’s mom, Beverly (Christine Baranski), feels like her ex-husband is doing this on purpose, and she doesn’t want to stand around and be humiliated and she doesn’t even want to stay for [Leonard and Penny’s] wedding; she’s ready to leave.

“They [the gang] talk her into staying and we work our way through this tension leading up to what was supposed to be a fun celebration but has now gotten all wonky.”

Bernadette’s pregnancy and the baby’s birth will be a major part of the new season and expect to meet more of Penny’s family — but not learn her maiden name.

Molaro says the writers are afraid to reveal it. “We remain superstitious on that point. We’ve made it to season 10, so I think right now we’re going to stick with Hofstadter.”

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