Blu-ray Alert: Generation Kill Blu-ray No Longer AWOL

Warner Bros NZ will release the Blu-ray of Generation Kill on September 8.

The Iraq War drama about an imbedded Rolling Stone journalist from the creator of The Wire, David Simon, was briefly out on DVD here late last year but had to be withdrawn from sale after TVNZ made an 11th-hour purchase of the mini-series for its Monday night military strand, where it has screened Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

However, Generation Kill is drawing only half the TV One viewership of its predecessors, despite the topicality of the real-life Rolling Stone take on the US military in Afghanistan and the acclaim of The Dominion Post’s Jane Clifton, who reckons it’s “the best programme on television … An instant classic.”

As well as showcasing the seven-part drama in 1080p (unlike TV One’s SD version), the Blu-ray will feature commentaries, a making-of documentary and interviews with veteran Marines.

WB also has confirmed release dates for a slew of other TV shows and movies on Blu-ray, including: Supernatural: Season 4 and Precious (July 7), Valentine’s Day (July 21), Clash of the Titans, Cop Out, Edge of Darkness and The Road (August 11), and The Blind Side, A Single Man, Creation and The Box (September 8).

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2 Responses to “Blu-ray Alert: Generation Kill Blu-ray No Longer AWOL”

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    July 1, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    TVNZ is actually showing this in 720p,though at a low bit rate of 5mbps,will be interesting to see if they play the whole season.

  2. Thanks for the update, Steven. TVNZ told me it would be screening Generation Kill in SD. I doubt if it will pull the series — it’s not as if programmes other than The Pacific and Band of Brothers have rated well in the slot.

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