Blu-ray Blues: Modern Family and Dexter

The latest seasons of two top HD hits will be released on DVD on Wednesday but not on Blu-ray.

However, the good news is both Dexter and Modern Family can be imported on Blu-ray from the US or Australia.

For reasons known only to Paramount, season four of Dexter is being released on Blu-ray across the Tasman but not here.

That’s highly unusual as normally the two territories are regarded as one large market by Hollywood studios and receive the same product.

Occasionally series considered of too little appeal here to justify NZ censorship costs, such as the second and third seasons of Brotherhood, go on sale only in Australia.

But for a high profile show like Dexter not to be offered on Blu-ray in both territories is a mystery even Miami Metro would struggle to solve.

It’s another blow for Dexter fans. Despite the serial killer sensation being highly praised for its HD quality, it continues to languish here in SD, not only on DVD but also TV.

After a short HD stint on TV3, the broadcaster dropped it because of low ratings and now the series is exclusive to Sky’s The Box, where season five starts on November 28.

Meanwhile, Modern Family is coming out only on DVD both here and in Australia.

Its distributor, 20th Century Fox, has released numerous TV shows on Blu-ray in NZ, including Glee, The Simpsons, Family Guy specials and Firefly, but apparently doesn’t see Modern Family as having the same broad or cult appeal.

It’s true the show isn’t the hit here that it is in the US but TV3 hopes to change that next year.

It’s repeating season one 10pm Thursdays and plans to back season two with a major marketing campaign.

In the meantime, Fox’s NZ distributor, Roadshow Entertainment, has other series due on Blu-ray soon, including Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (Wednesday), seasons two and three of Underbelly (November 10), The Simpsons: The 13th Season (December 1), and Stargate Universe: Season 1 (January 12).

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