Blu-ray Finds Sanctuary: Sci-Fi Show to Bow in HD

A sci-fi series that hasn’t aired in NZ, Sanctuary, will make its debut here on Blu-ray.

Seasons one and two are being widely released on DVD while the Blu-ray editions initially will be exclusive to JB Hi-Fi.

The SyFy Channel series, which goes on sale on July 7, has had mixed reviews but proved popular enough for a third season to be commissioned and last year was Emmy-nominated for its visual effects.

Created by Stargate SG-1 producer and writer Damian Kindler, it’s about a worldwide haven for monsters and other abnormal creatures, stars Stargate: Atlantis’ Amanda Tapping, and is said to be a hybrid of The X-FilesFirefly, Fringe and CSI.

The New York Post called it a “near sci-fi winner” but quipped that its virtual sets “don’t make up for virtual plots” while The Hollywood Reporter said the two-hour pilot went from being thrilling to “inexplicably … coasting”.

Extras will include audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes shorts and bloopers.

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2 Responses to “Blu-ray Finds Sanctuary: Sci-Fi Show to Bow in HD”

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    June 15, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    It originally started out as about 10 webepisode program which you could pay to download which i did in hd. then Scifi bought out the franchise and made it into a series. i have seen both series 1 & 2 . so i guess judging by the fact the dvds are being released here that there are no plans as usual to show this scifi program here. Same most likely go for Warehouse 13 as well..

  2. Despite all claims to the contrary, Sanctuary is not produced by Syfy but is an independent Canadian produced show that is shown in over 100 countries. Unfortunately NZ isn’t one of them.

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