Blu-ray of the Day: Kick-Ass

Cast: Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz, Nicolas Cage.
Matthew Vaughn.
Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn.
Marius De Vries, Ilan Eshkeri, Henry Jackman, John Murphy.
Ben Davis, Mac Kenny.

Rarely has a title summed up a movie’s exuberance as perfectly as Kick-Ass, a wildly kinetic superhero spoof with a dark and bloody sensibility — and more attitude than a Bat-cave full of Dark Knights. About a teenage Everyman who wants to be a superman rather than an invisible nobody, it has fun with the genre while succeeding as a grisly crime drama with a cruel streak. Occasionally director Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Layer Cake) revels too much in the violence but mostly Kick-Ass, with its turbo-charged storytelling and deconstructive verve, deserves to kick-start a comic-book franchise that would make any of Stan Lee’s look puny.

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Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass

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