Blu-ray Update: The Road, World War II in HD Colour, The World at War, WWII Lost Films: WWII in HD

This week’s Blu-ray releases of The Road and World War II in HD Colour have been delayed.

The DVDs of each went on sale Wednesday but the Blu-ray of the post-apocalyptic drama starring Viggo Mortensen won’t land until next week while World War II in HD Colour has been postponed until September 13.

Next month is when the HD version of the monumental WWII history, The World at War, is due to be released on Blu-ray in the UK.

Apparently, its painstaking restoration was “the largest of its kind for a television show”, using one of only two machines in the world.

Reportedly, the sound’s also been upgraded to provide “a fuller experience of how it felt to be on the front line” and an extra two hours of extras have been compiled to complement the 26-hour series.

No word on when it will be released here but in the meantime military buffs can enjoy the astounding WWII Lost Films: WWII in HD.

Documentaries about WWII are commonplace on TV and DVD but this History Channel series is a revelation. Never has footage of the conflict seemed as up close and personal, thanks to the producers tracking down more than 2,000 hours of colour film and converting it to high definition, complete with HD audio.

It also helps that, like Ken Burns’ The War, WWII in HD enriches its archival content with a human-interest narrative focusing on the experiences of 12 US servicemen.

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