Bonnie & Clyde Steam In Ahead of Great Train Robbers

The latest mini-series to screen in HD on Sky Movies’ Extra channel is Bonnie & Clyde.

Part one of two will premiere on February 6 and is the first of two mini-series the channel will air next month.

The second is a Sky UK commission called Falcon, in which Kiwi Marton Csokas (Rain, The Lord of the Rings), who next will be seen in a reboot of The Equalizer, plays a Spanish detective.

Both mini-series follow this month’s premieres of Coma and Bag of Bones on Extra, and precede the arrival of The Great Train Robbery.

Bonnie & Clyde screened to mixed reviews last month on the History Channel (and two sister channels) in the US.

How can a TV movie compete with the award-winning movie classic of the same name from 45 years ago?

“Wisely, this four-hour effort doesn’t try,” USA Today said.

“Where the film is in essence a romanticised fable, the TV version is a more literal biography, with a few misplaced artsy flourishes, mostly built around Clyde’s supposed ‘second sight.’

“It’s a more mundane approach, but it’s not invalid, and it allows Bonnie to feel more like an expansion than a remake.”

Or, as The Hollywood Reporter observed: “It’s a bit audacious to tackle this story since a legendary film already exists, but Bruce Beresford, Emile Hirsch and three cable channels go for it anyway.

“The shocker is that Bonnie and Clyde isn’t all that bad yet the question remains if it’s all that necessary.”

TV Guide called it “a grittier, drabber journey” than the movie, “from crime-spree joyride to high-stakes manhunt as their crimes and the ensuing fallout escalate in grim intensity”.

falcon-promoBut New York magazine thought it terrible: “as close to a complete waste of time as I’ve encountered in my two years of writing for this publication”.

Falcon was made as two 90-minute telemovies. Said The Telegraph: “Clearly proud of being a highly stylised cop show, it comes complete with exquisite cinematography, a fair amount of imaginative violence and dialogue that’s heroically unafraid of portentousness …

“This is a show that, depending on your mood, you could either find ridiculous or enjoy for its campy mix of classy direction and shameless self-importance.”

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