Breakfast News Back on Menu?

It won’t be in HD but don’t be surprised if TV3 shortly announces the resurrection of a breakfast news show.

MediaWorks TV chief Jason Paris told me in an interview for the latest issue of Onfilm, “That is an opportunity for MediaWorks in the marketplace. I can’t talk about when we would like to do it but it is something I’m reviewing and looking at.

“If you look internationally and in New Zealand, morning television is one of the biggest growth areas for viewership.

“And so if we’re looking at attracting more viewers for our advertisers and agencies, then the morning time slot is something you would consider.”

And when would be a better time than on the back of historic interest in TV news because of the Christchurch earthquake, when TV3 has acquitted itself superbly with its coverage – and continues to do so (John Campbell’s interview with Ken Ring notwithstanding).

Next week the network will continue its breakfast bulletins, going on air from 6am-8.30am weekdays.

So with news viewership higher than usual, viewers accustomed to 3 News being on at all hours of the day, and Paris keen to succeed where his predecessor failed in a strategic part of the schedule that TVNZ has capitalised on, the return of a 3 News breakfast edition seems inevitable.

But it won’t be in HD – not because of the infrastructural cost but because looks-conscious presenters probably will resist being up close and personal in HD for as long as they can.

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