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Hot Off the Press Release: New Sony OLED Due in October

Sony NZ is promoting October’s release of its A9F OLED TV as “the pinnacle of picture quality at home”. It says the new cutting-edge model marks a significant milestone in bringing the very best picture quality home by faithfully conveying the creators’ intent but has yet to confirm NZ pricing. In the UK, the 65-inch […]

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Sony’s Stellar OLED TV to Launch This Month

Sony’s out-of-this-world 2017 flagship TV, the A1 OLED, goes on sale this month for just shy of $11,000. The company has yet to announce this but expect the groundbreaking 65-inch 4K model with a unique acoustic screen instead of conventional speakers to be in shops by mid-July. However, any hopes of the A1 being as […]

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Sony Expands 4K Range But Delays First OLED TV

Sony will start to roll out its 2017 range of 4K HDR TVs this month but not its first big-screen OLED sensation, the A1E. The display that’s been rapturously reviewed abroad won’t launch here until August — presumably because consumer demand in US and Europe has pushed back shipments to smaller markets like NZ and Australia. That will give LG […]

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LG’s First Flat OLED TV Here at Last

LG’s first flat-screen 4K OLED TV for sale in NZ hits shelves this week for $12,499. The initial shipment of the 65-inch EF950T has pre-sold to the Harvey Norman chain, which will have them on display from Wednesday. While available in only one size, it marks a welcome departure from previous OLED TVs by being not only […]

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LG Goes One Better With New 'Budget' OLED TV

LG Goes One Better With New ‘Budget’ OLED TV

This week LG will roll out to more than 20 retailers nationwide its second-generation Curved OLED TV for under $7000. It comes ahead of the company releasing its latest UHD or 4K TVs and amid the country’s first “hybrid” TV, which has dual Freeview|HD and satellite tuners, going on sale. The new OLED TV is […]

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