CES: Samsung Fills Home Theatre Vacuum

Samsung is extending its vacuum tube technology from audio dock speakers and home theatre systems to its latest soundbar – and the first in the world that can connect with a TV via Bluetooth.

The HW-F750 will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, along with a new Blu-ray player (BD-F7500) and home theatre system (HT-F9750W) that upscale SD and HD resolution to Ultra HD quality.

Already the soundbar and smart Blu-ray player have been awarded 2013 CES Innovation Awards.

According to Samsung, the HW-F750 “resolves consumers’ desire for pure power and warm, natural sound by integrating a vacuum tube amplifier into a soundbar for the first time.

“Additionally, the HW-750 offers the ultimate in convenience with its SoundShare function, which enables users to wirelessly connect the soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth.

“Meanwhile, the product’s gyroscope sensor gauges height, rotation and slope to optimise sound quality, whether the soundbar is placed in a horizontal or vertical position.

“Combined, these features virtually eliminate restrictions on where consumers can place the HW-750 in their homes.”

A new AirtrackON function automatically powers up the soundbar when the TV is turned on, and allows control of the HW-F750 with a TV remote control.

Samsung’s 7.1 channel home theatre system (HTS) has a new TV Sound On feature that instantly activates the system’s 1,330-watt sound while muting the internal TV speaker with a single click of the remote control.

As well as Samsung’s proprietary vacuum tube and digital amplifier, and the latest in smart TV features, it boasts a swivel speaker for more multi-dimensional sound and a new DTS Neo fusion codec that’s exclusive to Samsung.

According to the press release, “A Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier can handle a sound range beyond the typical audible frequency range.

“Paired with a vacuum tube pre-amplifier, consumers will enjoy true, natural sound with minimal distortion.

“A Ceramic Polypropylene Injection Diaphragm (CPID) speaker expands sound resolution so every note is distinct.”

The HTS also has a 4K scaler processor and a Blu-ray player that can run multiple apps simultaneously.

Samsung’s flagship Blu-ray player has a dual-core processor, smart TV technologies and a video processor with a proprietary Samsung algorithm that it claims improves the visual quality of block-based low bit-rate coded images and reduces blocking artifacts.

“This feature is especially important for maximising the visual quality of content streamed from the Internet, as well as improving the quality of picture sharpness.

“Furthermore, the unit’s 900MHz x 2 high-performance dual-core chipset boosts the unit’s image processing capacity so consumers can enjoy the highest picture quality and the fastest web-browsing speed.”

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2 Responses to “CES: Samsung Fills Home Theatre Vacuum”

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    January 8, 2013 at 8:09 am

    “Vacuum tube amplifier ” point of failure already. From what I’ve seen, Samsung home theatre gear has not exactly set the world on fire.

  2. Agreed, a gimmick, although aimed at who? Mainstreamers wouldn’t even know what a vacuum tube is and audio folks wouldn’t touch Samsung with a barge pole.

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