Chips Not Down for Block Australia

So much for The Block Australia having been around the programming block once too often: Monday’s broadcast helped to make Three competitive again at 7.30.

It drew 63,103 viewers aged 25-54 — 15,000 more than My Mum Your Dad the previous week.

TBA still lost to the season final of TVNZ 1’s Fair Go (78,670 adults) and TVNZ 2’s My Kitchen Rules NZ (64,965) but narrowed the gap: a week earlier, Fair Go drew 91,446 and MKR 96,275.

Fair Go stablemate The Casketeers was steady on nearly 60,000.

TVNZ 1’s 8.30 premiere of Wonders of the World I Can’t See (43,651 adults) improved markedly on the season final of Last Woman on the Planet (36,080) but couldn’t beat TVNZ 2’s Police Rescue Australia (48,372).

Three’s Married at First Sight UK averaged 31,686 adults.

Viewership of a second Police episode could recruit only 19,082 adults, well behind TVNZ 1’s 20/20 (33,162) but ahead of Three’s Newshub Late (15,666).

In the battle of the news hours, 1 News (143,098) led Newshub Live (97,783). But week-on-week, 1 News shed nearly 40,000 adults whereas Three’s rival added 24,000.

At 7.00, TVNZ 1’s Seven Sharp (92,034) ruled while Three’s The Project (62,923) out-rated TVNZ 2’s Shortland Street (52,971).

TVNZ 1’s peak-demo share was 31.84, Three’s 22.94 and TVNZ 2’s 16.91.

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6 Responses to “Chips Not Down for Block Australia”

  1. The much anticipated updated ThreeNow has finally arrived Philip and it looks a hundred times better than its predecessor albeit still no HGTV stream. Finally we are starting to see the long overdue investment into this platform after years of neglect and short sightedness. May the improvements continues.

  2. Yes, Leo, it’s an improvement but it baffles me that for the live streaming of channels, you can only see what’s streaming for the next three hours. There should be a far more informative channels grid.

  3. Yes, I actually think the new ThreeNow is excellent, also I see the video quality has upgraded 😍👍🏻

  4. Still only 720p on Firefox browser and no surround sound.

  5. That’s surprising. Certainly better than 720p on the smart TV app but PQ does seem variable. No surprise re 2.0 sound: not one NZ platform streams in surround.

  6. Hopefully they actually amend the channel grid as the app evolves.

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