CNN FAST Channel Coming Soon?

Is ThreeNow looking to launch CNN’s FAST channel?

Such a service has been part of the beta testing that’s included the MovieSphere channel.

CNN Fast was launched nearly a year ago in Europe as a curated channel of short-form videos featuring international news, business, entertainment, sport and the environment.

It was offered across Europe on the Rakuten video-on-demand streaming service as well as on LG and Samsung TVs.

At the time CNN said it would be available in more countries and on more channels in the coming year.

CNN designed the channel to appeal to younger viewers with a TikTok attention span: “With stories delivered in three-to-six-minute clips, the new succinct and easily digestible format will keep viewers updated and engaged.”

Or, as Meara Erdozain, Senior Vice President of Programming, CNN International, said: “This is a great opportunity to showcase highlights of some of the best CNN content to a broader audience, offering different genres of stories presented in a fast-paced, short-form style that will appeal to a younger and wider demographic.”

The launch of such a channel is well overdue here as free-to-air/stream viewers have been poorly served by TVNZ and Warner Bros. Discovery, whose parent company owns CNN, not making better use of their international and national resources to curate a digital news service as an alternative to Sky’s news channels.

WBD may be contemplating it now as a consolation prize for axing its Newshub stable of shows — and a new source of income.

“As well as reaching new audiences, CNN Fast provides more opportunities for brand partners through new advertising formats and targeting capabilities,” CNN said in its media release.

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2 Responses to “CNN FAST Channel Coming Soon?”

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    March 15, 2024 at 12:34 am

    Was not expecting this to happen but it would be cheap as chips compared to Newshub but what an insult that local news gets shuttered for this American channel. WBD really only care about their bottom line. As you’ve mentioned Philip, TVNZ and Three have really not embraced news streaming, which I don’t get. Hopefully Sky sees this as an opportunity to become more active in the local news race.

  2. Sounds a bit like CNN Headline News channel from the 1990s.

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